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The Community Preservation Committee gave an hour-long update on their activities and answered questions at a Ward 4 Community meeting organized by Councillor Ryan O'Malley. The CPC slides can be found at this link.

A note on the History of Fellsmere Park is here

Information related to High Rock Park can be found here.

Stories related to Sylvester Baxter are here.

The early history of the old Malden Hospital site is here.

The modern history of the old Malden Hospital site is covered here.

Neighborhood View Articles Related to Development

Is “Smart Growth” the future for Malden? (4/5/18)

Could “Smart Growth” guide Malden’s development? (4/16/18)


Article is from the May 15 1956 issue of the Malden Evening News, page one.

A community-driven proposal - by the title of "Hospital Hill" - offers possible options for future development at the old Malden Hospital site. You can read and review the latest version of that proposal http://www.maldenhistory.org/hospital/

Special thanks to Fellsmere Housing Group for sharing this diorama model of the Malden Hospital site