In the 15+ years since Malden Hospital closed down, there have been many stories reported about how this property has been maintained and neglected.

The following highlights have been reported by credible individual or journalistic sources. However, these details have not all been verified and confirmed by multiple documented sources. If you believe this information is inaccurate or out-of-date, or if you have information correcting any of these historical references, please send email to:

* Mel Gibson shot scenes for his movie "Edge of Darkness" on the hospital site

* FBI / Swat Teams have conducted training inside the hospital - this involved carrying out destructive activities (e.g. blowing up walls) during training

* Area neighbors have witnessed vandals removing items from the hospital

* Neighborhood residents have grappled with congested roads and dangerous traffic. In at least one case a family pet was struck and killed in the area.

* There is considerable financial and operational risk associated with remediating this site due to the cost of demolition and clean-up. There are reports of the possible existence of asbestos, biohazard and other toxic waste on the site.

* The Malden Hospital reportedly has substantial debt on the hospital facility collateral

* The hospital initiated demolition steps and stripped the sturctures of high value, easy to liquidate assets such as copper. Demolition then ceased, leaving behind the existing structure which is devoid of many of the more valuable components. These actions lowered the value of this asset, raising the net-cost of future demolition.

* Hospital ownership is offering the property for sale as is, requiring a future owner assume all risk and responsibility for demolition and site remediation.

* The hospital's fire fighting sprinkler system has been turned off since 2007. There was a fire at the hospital site in 2009.

* In 2013, Malden's City Inspector identified and documented building violations. This included a number of safety violations such as lack of a functioning sprinkler system, insufficient emergency exit lighting, severe water damage, and unauthorized changes to the fire alarm system. Hallmark was notified of these violoations and responded by suing the City of Malden in Middlesex County Superior Court. The judge reportedly issued an injunction based on Hallmark's assertion they had an imminent development partner and plan.