We asked, "Who owns Fellsmere Park?" With help from Senator Jason Lewis' office and the DCR we now have the answer with a good bit of additional background::
Fellsmere Park is owned by the City of Malden, by deed from the Boston Rubber Shoe Company. In an indenture dated June 1 1904 (MPC 456) the Care & Control of Fellsmere Park was transferred from the City of Malden to the Metropolitan Park Commission. The responsibility for this park passed from MPC through MDC and now lies with the DCR, as statutory successor to both earlier agencies. In 2006 the legislature granted DCR 175k for renovations for the park, and was redone. The DCR and the city of Malden has had a universal agreement to share the upkeep since then.







Project #1: Document the "Fellsmere Park Management Plan", including basic information about park management and care.

The latest version of this plan, and a Community Preservation Act project proposal, is available at this link.

Your comments are welcomed. Feel free to send email to friendsoffellsmerepark@gmail.com


Friends Of Fellsmere Park was established to concentrate on care and planning activities around Fellsmere Park, including the pond.

We have some best practices readily avilable to us thanks to DCR's Bureau of Planning, Design and Resource Protection with a Resource Management Planning Office, directed by Andy Backman.

All of DCR's RMP's are available on the DCR website.

Resource Management Planning

Plans Adopted by DCR Stewardship

http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CFR-2006-title36-vol1/content-detail.html - Parks, Forests, and Public Property

http://www.nps.gov/efmo/learn/management/lawsandpolicies.htm - An Example for Us to Reference?  Laws and policies of a national monument in Iowa

http://www.nps.gov/policy/DOrders/DOrder50D.pdf - National Park Service Smoking Policy
http://www.no-smoke.org/learnmore.php?id=731 "Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded piece of waste worldwide."



Welcome to Friends Of Fellsmere Park (FOFP)

2016 additions to Fellsmere Park and Pond!

Aerial Photo taken December 26, 2016